BRIDEAR - Medusa 'Desolation Mocks Us' tee - US shop exclusive

BRIDEAR - Medusa 'Desolation Mocks Us' tee - US shop exclusive

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BRIDEAR - Medusa 'Desolation Mocks Us' t-shirt - US shop mail order exclusive!

Originaly available on the 2022 'Decide to Survive' UK/EU tour, this shirt sold out within the first few shows! Now, the popular shirt is available in the US for the first time (US off-tour version has no backprint). 

Medusa, whose head was placed by her slayer Perseus upon the shield of Athena, mocks us all with her stone stare. With the ominous lyric from the album-opening prog epic 'Side of A Bullet,' and the popular 'dark' Bridear logo, the gorgon Medusa has given Bridear their fastest selling shirt yet. 

There can be no Aegis of Athena without the curse of MEDUSA!

Single sided, 100% cotton. Printed in the USA. 

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